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Official Major Sponsors

Dart Centre Asia Pacific


Dart Centre Asia Pacific promotes science-based best practice trauma reporting by training media professionals across the region to be trauma informed. Trauma-informed journalism fosters ethical, accurate and respectful reporting on individuals and communities impacted by violence, disaster, and other potentially traumatic events (PTE’s). Dart understands that journalists are part of society’s information capillary system and therefore a conduit between those impacted by PTE’s and the wider community. As such, Dart believes that a trauma ‘literate’ media landscape has the capacity to inform and empower society in a more meaningful and humane way.


Department of Defence – Joint Health Command


Joint Health Command (JHC) provides a joint health effect to enable ADF capability and care for our people. Through the delivery of reliable, resilient, affordable and best practice health services, JHC enables a healthy, ready, and supported Force from enlistment through to transition. In addition, we partner with the Navy, Army and Air Force to ensure that the ADF’s deployable health force is equipped and skilled to provide health care in the deployed setting. As part of Joint Capabilities Group, we make a direct contribution to the ADF’s operational capability and provide crucial support to the warfighter. JHC has an integrated workforce of Defence members, civilians, contractors and professional health providers. We manage around one million patient health service interactions with Defence members each year through health units in Australia and overseas.

Open Arms


A service operating within the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), Open Arms is Australia’s leading national provider of high quality, free and confidential counselling and support services for Australian veterans and their families. Their counsellors have a deep understanding of the military and the issues that face the military community—many are veterans themselves. And, while they support families experiencing the routine daily challenges, they also understand the unique stressors that military and veteran families experience relating to the posting cycle, training exercises, deployments, partner employment, and more.


St John of God

St John of God Richmond and Burwood hospitals provide inpatient and outpatient mental health care for general disorders including depression, anxiety, psychosis and borderline personality. Our alcohol and other drug inpatient programs are well regarded and offer an accepting, safe and supportive environment for addiction, withdrawal and rehabilitation. Our closed group trauma program is nationally recognised for the treatment of adult, work-related trauma. Our inpatient program focuses on the acute phase of care to achieve symptom stabilisation. Our outpatient day program uses both group and individual trauma-focussed therapy to promote recovery from posttraumatic stress injuries.


Silver Sponsors



STARTTS (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) is a specialist, non-profit organisation that for over 30 years has provided culturally relevant psychological treatment and community interventions to clients from refugee like backgrounds. The Australian Neurofeedback Institute (ANFI), a social enterprise of STARTTS with over 18 years of experience integrating neuroscience-driven technology into STARTTS clinical practices, aims to share the knowledge and practical application of brain modulation techniques with other trauma services and mental health professionals.


Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation


Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation are industry leaders in prescribing therapeutic exercise-based programs for individuals under a compensable-injury or illness policy – consulting clients throughout the recovery journey and across a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses. Guided by an extensive evidence-base affirming the rehabilitative, reparative and preventative benefits of exercise for mental health, Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation has a particular expertise in this area, supporting Australians across the country suffering from mental illness through exercise-based interventions. Adopting a truly holistic approach with an emphasis on collaboration, education and empowerment and complementing traditional interventions, Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation deliver bespoke programming to optimise wholebeing health and promote healthy re-engagement in work, everyday and recreational activities.


Soldier On


Soldier On services are holistic and integrated and are able to be tailored to meet the needs of individuals and their families. Developed in line with world’s best practice, our services are evidenced-based and have been designed in consultation with Defence personnel, veterans, and their families. Soldier On staff work side by side with individuals and families, to strengthen resilience and develop meaningful connections with family members, mates, and the local community through a diverse range of health and wellbeing services, employment opportunities, learning and education programs, and participation in community, social, and sporting activities. Grounded in the principles of Trauma Informed Care, Soldier On’s model of care ensures individuals and family members are at the centre of all our services.