21st Australasian Conference on Traumatic Stress


The 2021 ACOTS conference is a collaboration between ASTSS (the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies) and Phoenix Australia – Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health.


The virtual conference will be held on 14 – 18 September. The 2021 virtual conference will be of interest to a broad range of people interested in trauma, including practitioners, researchers, consumers, service developers and policy makers.

Professor Laurence Kirmayer
McGill University

Professor Meaghan O’Donnell
Head of Research at Phoenix Australia

Professor Katherine Iverson
Women’s Health Sciences Division of the National Center for PTSD at the VA Boston Healthcare System

Professor Tim Dalgleish
University of Cambridge

Professor Zachary Steel
President of the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies – ASTSS

Professor Nicholas Procter
University of South Australia

Conference Theme

Challenging the Status Quo: Advancing Trauma Recovery

This year’s conference theme lays down a challenge to us all in our enduring quest to improve outcomes for those impacted by trauma. The Scientific Committee has brought together a range of international and national keynote speakers who bring their own distinct perspective to challenge the trauma field.


Plenary sessions, panel discussions, clinical tutorials and papers will represent a range of interests and current issues in trauma research and practice.

Conference Details

This year ACOTS will be a virtual conference using the highly awarded EventsAIR platform in partnership with ICMS to provide a conference platform that will allow real-time interaction and small group online meeting places and discussion groups. Those of you who had the opportunity to join the recent International Childhood Trauma Symposium will have seen what a great digital platform they provided.

We have maximised the benefits of a virtual platform to ensure that an engaging live event with real opportunities to interact and an ongoing digital resource that you can view and access for 12 months.

12 Months Access

All delegates will have 12 months online access to all conference sessions via Video on Demand and also in Podcast format – this allows you to attend all sessions and to revisit sessions that you want to sample a second or third time.

We maintain the tradition of running a dedicated clinical skills stream that runs along with plenary sessions, papers, and panel discussions with clinical training content available to be reviewed for 12 months after the completion of the conference.

Access to Both Live Streaming and Recorded Sessions During the Conference

We use a platform that allows the rapid posting of recorded sessions so that conference delegates can catch live sessions while also reviewing any sessions they have missed across the course of the conference and the following 12 months.

Live Streaming of Events at Convenient Times

We ensure that the live streaming of sessions has been scheduled to fit around busy lives and work commitments. The conference time slots are been scheduled for the morning, lunch and early evening across time zones in Australia and New Zealand and also map to most international time zones so there will be live sessions that can fit in with your schedule.

Use of Online Digital Meeting Rooms to Meet Colleagues and Leaders in the Field

We will use a digital meeting place to overcome a major limitation of online conferences…the chance to catch up with colleagues and friends. ACOTS 2021 will allow real-time interaction using small group online meeting places and discussion groups to meet with presenters and other leaders in the field and to facilitate other meeting opportunities.