Past Events

Past Events

2019 Sydney

Trauma, recovery and growth: Advances in research and practice

Keynote speakers: Richard Tedeschi, Frank Neuner

2016 Gold Coast

Public Issues, Private Trauma

Keynote speakers: Rachel Yehuda, Brett Litz, Kelsey Hegarty, S. Caroline Taylor

2014 Melbourne

Trauma & Conflict: Globally, Locally

Keynote speakers: Paul Bolton, Derrick Silove, Charles Hoge

2012 Perth

Trauma & Disaster: Complexity, Diversity & Recovery

Keynote speakers: Douglas Zatzick, Michael Scheeringa, Pat Dudgeon

2010 Brisbane

Trauma Resilience and Recovery

Keynote speakers: George Bonano , Richard McNally, Beverley Raphael

2008 Melbourne

Traumatic Stress: Challenges for the Coming Decade

Keynote speakers: Joy Osofsky, Gordon Parker, Paula Schnurr, Reg Nixon

2007 Ballarat

Trauma: Consequences & Responses in Community Settings

Keynote speakers: Fr Frank Brennan, John Briere, Kate Gillespie, Caroline Taylor, Arnold Zabel

2006 Adelaide

Linking Research Knowledge with Policy & Practice: Evidence for Best Practice in Traumatic Stress

Keynote speakers: Matt Friedman, Elana Newman

2005 Perth

Impact of Childhood Trauma Across the Lifespan

Keynote speakers: Onno van der Hart, Marylene Cloitre

2004 Sydney

Advancing Traumatology: From Violence & Human Suffering to Healing and Hope

Keynote speakers: Atle Dyrgov, Richard Bryant, Paul McGeough

2003 Hobart

Mind Body & Soul: An Integrated Approach for Trauma

Keynote speakers: Jerry Perlmutter, Robert Ursano

2002 Auckland

Beyond PTSD: Clinical & Societal Implications of the Emerging Trauma Program

Keynote speakers: Celia Lashlie, James Gilligan, James Chu, Joy Silberg

2001 Canberra

Psychological Trauma – Treatment & Recovery

Keynote speakers: Brett Litz, Alan Schore, Richard Bryant

2000 Melbourne

World Congress: Long Term outcomes of Trauma in Individuals and Society

Keynote speakers: Onno van der Hart, Bessel van der Kolk, Matt Friedman

1999 Brisbane

Keynote speaker: Claude Chemtov

1998 Adelaide

PTSD: Narrative to Narrative: Implications for Definition & Treatment

Keynote speakers: Allan Young, Rachel Yehuda

1997 Sydney

Trauma Grief & Growth Narrative

Keynote speakers: Atle Dyregov, Bonnie Green, Judy Atkinson

1996 Melbourne

The Cutting Edge of Trauma

Keynote speaker: Charles Figley

1995 Hobart

Risks Roles & Responsibilities

Keynote speakers: Steve Silver, Judith Hermann, Chris Dunning

1993 Adelaide

Stress & Trauma in the Workplace

Keynote speakers: Bessel van der Kolk, Cary Cooper