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Melbourne 2014

(September 11th - 13th)

"Conflict and Trauma: Globally, Locally"


The Australian Conference On Traumatic Stress is encouraging submissions for the 2014 conference in Melbourne (11th - 13th September). If you would like to present a symposium, paper or poster, please complete the form below. In order to ensure plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion, paper presentations should be of 15 minutes duration. This will allow for up to 5 minutes of questions following each paper, plus a general discussion period at the end of the session. Should you be submitting a symposium, it should include 3 to 4 papers and last 90 minutes in total.

A Call for papers / conference brochure is available here (pdf). Although we are happy to consider any abstracts related to the mental health effects of trauma, we will give special consideration to presentations which are in line with the theme of the conference - "Conflict and Trauma: Globally, Locally". Closing date for submissions: 31st March 2014.Extended to 14th April, 2014.

Current International Keynote Speakers include Paul Bolton and Charles Hoge. Our National Keynote Speaker will be Derrick Silove. Pre-conference workshops have been scheduled on the 11th September. These include:

Evaluation and treatment of PTSD: Understanding core treatment strategies - Charles Hoge

Approaches to cross-cultural mental health research - Paul Bolton

Supporting emergency service personnel - Paul Scully

Healing from childhood sexual abuse - Sheryle Vilenica

Posttraumatic growth - Jane Shakespear-Finch

Supporting children in schools after trauma: Train the trainer

Papers, symposia and posters are being scheduled for the 12th and 13th of September. Updated information is available on the ASTSS website.

Conference Registration and booking will soon be available online, as will a PDF flyer for registration. Please contact Erin Brown should you have any problems.

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